Your life purpose unfolds however we are blind to see clearly. Release old beliefs and habits that no longer serve and free energy will serve you better.
I merely reflect back to you a clear path to your Souls Purpose weather you need to see, hear or feel to believe it.
An empowering experience and adventure to re-discover the person you were meant to be. Enjoy the rich feast of life, embrace the possible and choose to be free. 
I see how are more powerful and what is limiting you all you have to do is to commit to turn up for your growth. There is no other way to happiness and a satisfied life!
Meet me in a Training, Workshops, Retreat or 1-to-1.
20/20 demands from us all to choose to grow into our full potential.

Bodywork Session

- Treehouse -

I give what I would like to receive

*Healing Rebalancing Massage & Reiki

*Belief Change

*1-1 Yin & Release 


The Treehouse 

121 Carlton Street, Bellevue 


Consultation & Energy Clearing

- Treehouse or Zoom -

Cut cords free pathways 

*Distant Healing Rebalancing & Reiki

*Belief Change

*1-1 Yin & Release 



Personal Meeting ID

816 035 0527

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What I like to receive