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Unpacked: The Body keeps Score
Healing via Fascial Tension Release
   + Fascia Research
   + FasterEFT
   + Mindfulness 
   + Breathwork
   + Yin Yoga
   + Holding Space for Healing

5-7 April 2024, Tauranga

Friday-Sunday 9.30am-5.00pm
Investment $660 / $616 Early Bird


This course evaluates conditioned responses to conflict and Trauma, provides practice and techniques of rebalance and resolve.

This is a practical workshop for participants to share, observe and feel the restrictions around holding healing space. Somatic exercises of Yin Yoga and FasterEFT by Robert Smith are part of the shared tool kit to transmute emotional and physical discomfort.


Stella creates a safe space for participants to experience the transition and transmutation of discomfort and practice techniques that promote healing and holding healing space. The course is designed for a small group to deeply witness and expand upon their personal journey.

This course is Trauma informed. It transmits and practices essential skills to hold space for healing occupations, eg Teachers, Manual- and Psychotherapists, Social Workers/Caretakers and everyone with the intention to upskill their response to discomfort.

No prior knowledge is required to attend this training course.

To register for the weekend course pay $660 to Stella Yoga

38-9015-0595650-10 and email Stella at

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