Nothing is so healing as the human touch.

Bobby Fisher

Somatic Yin Yoga and Trauma Release

Create space physically and emotionally with this gentle, supported practice. Meditation leads us back from this fast paced lifestyle to our calm, stable, loving self. Somatic Yin merges this ancient wisdom into a simple practice that is for all age and level. 

  • Its easy
  • Everyone finds their edge to work with 
  • Self exploration even if we feel numb and unapproachable
  • Release Myofascial tension, muscular tightness and increase of our metabolism
  • Explore, strengthen and integrate the connection with self and our innate wisdom
  • Develop mindful awareness through this self empowered practice
  • Experience of the unseen energetic body
  • Embodied Meditation

GO deeper join the 50hr Somatic Yin Facilitator & Self Development Training 
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