20/20 demands from us balance of stress and rest. What is the path that sustains connection and allows well-being and good health? 

Medical Research is turning from specific awareness back towards a holistic, integrated and all encompassing view on wellness.

This shift opens communication between all faculties. With almost 200 years of Yang (masculine) framework 20/20 allows balance with more Yin.

Somatic Yin Yoga honours the integral holistic approach to Well-being and incorporates many Manual- and Energy Healing Therapies. Yoga reflects this unity and reclaims its true meaning.

This training is for everyone thirsty to 

  • redirect their life toward purpose

  • heal their personal Body/Mind Connection

  • integrate Myofascia knowledge into existing occupation 

  • practice hands on Myofascial release

  • be initiated in and practice hands off Energetic Work

  • learn to lead 1-1 and group sessions confidently

  • learn to create sacred spaces

  • gain confidence to teach a Yin Yoga session in existing Yoga and Wellness Centres.

Highlights of the Somatic Yin Teacher Training course

  • Anatomy specific to Yin

  • Myofascial Research and application in Manual Therapy
  • Yin Yang Philosophy

  • TCM Meridian Channels

  • Teaching Methodology and Ethics

  • Energy Psychology

  • Sacred Space Facilitation

  • Scientific researched Breathwork

  • Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Initiation to Energy Healing eg Reiki

  • Vibrational Sound Healing

Course Book Bernie Clark 'Complete Guide To Yin Yoga' has to be purchased prior to the course start. More study material is provided.  It is expected to study the material during the 3 week course, attend weekly calls and accomplish weekly assignments. Literature, accommodation is not covered by the Training cost.