Yoga, Meditation, Stillness

This Retreat is bound to wake you deeply to your true calling. Move into stillness, reconnect and reunite with your true nature. Te Moata 'The First Light' sets a frame for a truly waking experience set in lush bush in the beautiful Coromandel. 

Enjoy restorative and healing Yoga sessions, guided meditation journeys, Soundshowers with Crystal Singing Bowls, extended periods of stillness and the nourishing environment of Te Moata.


Set your intention for reducing stress and renewing your energy and allow to relax and be rejuvenated. Reconnect with the land, people and the place within that is Love.

Friday 14th of Feb 2020 6pm (arrival from 4pm)
Sunday 16th of Feb 2020 2pm

Venue: Te Moata Retreat, Tairua, Coromandel

2 Nights at Te Moata Retreat,
3 Meals, morning and afternoon tea, snacks, wholesome vegetarian cuisine.
Daily Flow Yoga, Intro to Meditation Guided and Stillness Meditations, Personal Healing, Somatic Yin Yoga, Soundshower and more.
All inclusive $433