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3 Day Module
Trauma Sensitive 
Yin Yoga Facilitator Training 2023

   + Yin Yoga
   + Energy Awareness & Reiki
   + Sound Healing

8-10 Sept 2023 
Friday-Sunday 9.30am-5.30pm 
$625 (accommodation available)

This is an add-on Module to the Trauma Informed Course in August. To complete the full 60-hr
Yin Yoga  Certification 3-Day Trauma Informed Course has to be added in August or participated online. 



Trauma Therapy recognises self empowering methodologies of Meditation, Yoga and Mindfulness. Manual Bodywork upgrades to astonishing Fascia Research findings and Neuroscience (Brain and Consciousness Research) deepen a new integrated understanding of allopathic Medicine with the purpose to interrupt subconscious self harming belief habits and patterns.

This Trauma Sensitive Yin Yoga Facilitator Training and Self Development Course provides the skill to confidently lead group and 1-1 sessions of Somatic Yin Yoga for Healing. Its holistic and integral approach to Healing builds and expands upon existing Energy Healing and Manual Therapy skills.

No prior knowledge is required to complete this training.  

  • Direct your life toward Service

  • Heal personal Body-Mind disconnection

  • Integrate recent Fascia Release research 

  • Practice hands on Fascia release

  • Be initiated in and practice hands-off energetic awareness

  • Learn to lead 1-1 and group sessions confidently

  • Learn to create and hold sacred space

Somatic Yin Facilitator Training Course

  • Anatomy specific to Yin

  • Fascia Research and application in Manual Therapy
  • Yin Yang Philosophy

  • TCM Meridian Channels

  • Teaching Methodology and Ethics

  • Energy Psychology

  • Facilitation Ethics

  • Scientific researched Pranayama Breathwork

  • Meditation

  • Mindfulness

  • Reiki

  • Sound Healing

Course Book: Bernie Clark 'Complete Guide To Yin Yoga' (available at Further study material is provided. 

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