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Single-handed dowsing rod / wand / biotensor

A single-handed dowsing rod /biotensor is a cross between a dowsing rod and a pendulum and is also called a wand or a bobber. It’s not better than one or the other, it’s just different, and like a tool, it depends on what you want to use it for and what you prefer.
In short, it’s a flexible metal wire that has a handle on one side and a weight on the other side. There are several options regarding the material it’s made from and how simple or luxurious you want to make it. It’s usually made out of metal and/or wood, but the handle can also be made of cork.
There are even wands with a connector in the handle that you can connect a flexible wire to that leads to a pointer. This enables you to keep yourself outside of the testing circuit if you want to test for someone else.

You can use a wand to answer yes/no questions and do an energy compatibility test. Before you start working with it, hold it and let it take on your energy by sliding your fingers along the wire a few times. Again, for most holding it in their dominant hand will be the most comfortable, but try and see what works best for you.
Then, like with a pendulum, you determine your code for ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘unclear’. A wand is a bit more limited in its movements than a pendulum, so your choices are limited to up/down, sideways and a circular movement.
After that, you can hold the end of the wand above a bottle and ask your question. You can also point at it or touch it lightly with a finger to indicate it. If you don’t have the actual bottles, pointing at the name in a list will work as well. The key is to focus on the energy of the essence, and you do that by looking at either the essence or the name of the essence. Trust your unconscious to know what you mean.

The energy test works a little differently, as you don’t ask a question for this. You just stay as neutral as possible and hold the end of the wand between your hand and the object/matter you are testing, making sure you leave about 15 cm of room between the object and your hand.
You can hold your hand above the object, or rest it on its side on the table.
The end of the wand will start to move after a couple of seconds. when your energy field and that of the object attract each other, the end will make a connecting movement, meaning that it moves into both energy fields, like building a bridge between them.
When your energy field and that of the object are incompatible, however, the end of the wand will make a blocking movement, which means it will move sideways if your hand is above the object or up and down if your hand is beside the object, like building a wall between them.

Biotensor / Dowsing Rod / Wand

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