2-day Workshop
Own Your Intuition

   Empowerment for all
   that feel ready to grow
   into their full potential

   + Reiki

   + Sound Healing

10-11 April 2021



NELSON South Island

Empowering Workshop to grow into our full potential - Own your Intuition!


These are exciting times full of chance and potential. After Lockdown 2020 many of us have been shaken and what looked well established may have broken and gone.

Whether you have just left a relationship, your occupation changed or lost a loved one this course allows a safe integration of past experiences. Why did your life unfold in certain ways and how we create a current momentum become evident to allow us to change our habitual and conditioned pattern.

This course is an introduction to

* Energy Healing, eg Reiki,

* Sound Vibration Theory

* Practice of using Sounding for Healing eg Singing Bowls and

* Mindfulness.



NELSON TBA. Payment to Stella Goetz, 

$435 to 38 9015 0595650 10 / Reference OYI Nelson & your name