Own your Intuition
Practical Healing Activation Workshop Hands-on and off
  • Healing for enter grow. Traditional manual therapy and energy work. Learning to intentionally guide our energy to feel grounded and to allow subconscious restrictions limitations, beliefs, to surface. Learning to facilitate and hold space for ourselves and others. Practice witnessing observation skills of unpleasant emotions discomfort. Trick just saying allowing discomfort. With the use of application towards sound healing sound healing instruments. Voice tarot card readings. Using pendulous dowsing rods. Use tuning forks crystal singing bowls. Developing the skill of listening with with our hands. raking sheets so simple manual therapy. Release techniques, easy to apply, easy to learn. Backed by latest my obsession research. The entire course is based on the energy feared of all participants. So expect that it will touch you, with what you want to see or for you to expand more. There's no prerequisite, whether you are an experienced light worker Reiki healer, and a healing occupation, such as asked to per se craniosacral. Hands on or hands, and hands off approaches, inviting everyone with no previous experiences to allow themselves prisons to discover their innate intuitive of power. This is a course that will be essential for everyone who acknowledges energetic shifts, and the willingness to overcome. Limitations grief injury trauma. This course is for everyone who acknowledges the readiness and the shift in this, and the 20s of 2020. It's a living workshop. Therefore, the experience is formed by all energies that come together, cost for the two day investment for this two day workshop seminar. 

8 Spaces ONLY
Course Book Bernie Clarks 'Complete Guide To Yin Yoga'. Further reading will be provided.  It is expected to study the material during the 3 week course, attend weekly online check calls and accomplish weekly assignments.
Literature, Accommodation and meals are available not covered by in the Training cost.