Your life purpose unfolds however blind to see the path clearly. Release old beliefs and habits that no longer serve and free energy towards the next step to a satisfied, happy and fulfilled life.
I reflect back to you a clear path to your Souls Purpose weather you need to see, hear or feel it to believe it.
An empowering experience and adventure to re-discover the person you were meant to be. Enjoy the rich feast of life, embrace the possible and choose to be free. 
Meet me in a Training, Workshops, Retreats or 1-1 this year 2020 demands only one things from you: to choose to grow into your full potential.

Bodywork Session

- Treehouse -

I give what I would like to receive

*Healing Rebalancing Massage & Reiki

*Belief Change

*1-1 Yin & Release 


The Treehouse 

121 Carlton Street, Bellevue 


Consultation & Energy Clearing

- ZOOM -

Cut cords, unblock and free pathways 

*Distant Healing Rebalancing & Reiki

*Belief Change

*1-1 Yin & Release 


Personal Meeting ID

816 035 0527

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What I like to receive